Erik Madsen


Dear Friends,

My two guitars, a Don Grosh Custom and a Tom Anderson Custom were taken from me in the Los Angeles area sometime during the second week of October.  They were inside of a black nylon Levy double gig bag.

Don Grosh Custom: Serial #419

is a blue (although slightly sea-green after sun exposure) Retro Classic with a quilted maple top and an unfinished birds eye maple neck.  Pickups are Lindy Fralin blues specials with a Fralin Unbucker in the bridge - 5 way switch.  Gold hardware.  New stainless steel frets.

Tom Anderson Custom: Serial 04-17-97A

is an orange (translucent amber) semi-hollow body with a quilted maple top and rosewood fretboard.  Pickups are two Fralin Vintage Hots with a Rob Timmons Arcane humbucker in the bridge.  Guitar was converted from a switcheroo setup and has a 5 way switch.  2 good sized chips in the headstock of the guitar.

Both instruments are very dear to me and are the only two guitars I use.  Would appreciate anyone you can spread this information to, any music stores, guitar shops, friends, etc - anything that might help me recover these instruments.  I am offering a $500 reward for each instrument.

Please email or call 310-439-2028 if you know of their whereabouts.



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